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sac.exe is a process belonging to an advertising program by 180Solutions. This process monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analysis. This also prompts advertising popups. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.Non-system processes like sac.exe originate from software you installed on your system. Since most applications store data on your hard disk and in your system's registry, it is likely that your computer has suffered fragmentation and accumulated invalid entries which can affect your PC's performance. In Windows Task Manager, you can see what CPU, memory, disk and network utilization is causing the 180SearchAssistant Spyware process. To access the Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys at the same time. These three buttons are located on the far left of your keyboard.


sac.exe is considered to be an unwanted and unnecessary process and should be removed. Scan your system using an anti-spyware software to identify unused processes and services that can be safely removed.The sac.exe was found in the folder C:\Program Files\180search assistant. 041b061a72


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