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A Working Woman Feeding Animals in Lockdown, in Midnight

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

My experience in life:

"Finance person by profession, Animal Lover by passion"


Hello, I am Niyati.

Writer: Niyati,,,Your welcome in Experience Btao;

Niyati: Thank you so much.

Writer: Niyati, What's motivate you to feed animal on daily basis after 9 hour job?

Niyati: Basss mere bachcho se aati hai.

Writer: Great, How did you get braveness to feed animals in midnight about 1AM?

Niyati: We have been feeding them for over 2 yrs..we have protected them..we cant risk them, I am feeding 60 to 70 animals every day and with team of feeding people we successfully covered-up Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida in lock-down situation.

Writer: Tell me something about you, where do you live, job, education?

Niyati: I live in Delhi and currently working for Barclays in Noida

to be continue soon :)))

Videos of Animals Love on feeding and Police support:

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