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People, Story & Desert Camping 🏕️

This is something one shouldn't miss. It is well organized. You start in the jeep and explore the Kuldhara village 🏡 & Oasis 🏝️ and reach the Thar desert 🏜️ for safari( camel or jeep, your choice) reach the private desert through 🐪 and view the spectacular sunset and spend time around the desert and wait for the night for star gazing since it is private place there is no light polluting and no restrooms just enjoy everything in open space . They serve you the veg meal, enjoy the veg meal sitting around the camp fire, now get ready for some music time and star gazing. If you want tent or cot the choice is yours, wake up to see the sun rise click some photos have breakfast and leave to visit nearby village and return to your stay.

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