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We were a small company back in 2004. Nobody knew that we existed but we dreamt !

We dreamt of spreading Ayurveda from our city to other cities, from one state to multiple states, and then from our country to other countries.

There was no social media back then, only internet with majority of people who didn't know what google would become in the future and we

were one of those companies, trying hard to survive, didn't know about technology but then again, we dreamt.

The only way to form a consumer base was by selling the product to people in person. We also gave this idea a thought and booked a stall in the

Delhi pavilion at the India International Trade Fair 2004. People from all over the country visited the Trade Fair The stall charges were a lot but

we had to get out the product to a larger group of people. Our company members went to the Trade Fair for 14-straight days. Our video ad was

playing on a television continuously and 3 people were handling the pamphlet distribution. Those days were hard, really tough to get the word

out. We spent days and nights on enhancing the quality of the product and reaped the benefits. Consumers at IITF saw our products and they

felt an instant need for it. At that time we had only 2 products, Al-Shams Eye drops and Al-Eartone Ear Drops. Now, we have a total of 8 products

in our catalogue and we are coming out with 8 more product by the end of this financial year.  Pharma industry is competitive, but which industry

isn't? We have to improve our products and cater to people's needs. We make affordable Ayurveda products and we will continue to solve

problems globally with the ancient healing science.

Visit our website to know more about us, www.satyapharmaceuticals.com

Written by- Shreya Agarwal

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