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Soulful and serene My trip to south Goa

How do you relax ? Closed eyes in a place where you have minimalist noise, but have you ever felt relaxed by digging deeply into the nature with your eyes and hearing even the slightest of voice coming to you , this is how south Goa made me feel like.

I started up this year by having a trip I would remember for my whole life and which could be said the last trip I had . I always had a certain amount of liking for travelling until I had this trip which changed my liking to love for travelling as this was my first independent trip with my cousin sister .

Being a travel enthusiast I have touched almost every corner of India and went to Goa for the second time for a week long trip . Rather than being at tourist spots I try to explore the unexplored/ less explored places, as peace is what I live for . There won’t be any place where you don’t find people , they will surround you everywhere , it’s just less people and more nature thing that has my heart . Late night parties in north Goa are cool but have you ever sat on the seashore during the sunset time , I don’t thing the parties could do enough justice to the peace and serenity of nature which is felt during that time . South Goa is often preferred for the one’s who want to live and feel the nature and is often called the paradise of India . There are many beaches in north Goa as well but once you have been to the south there’s no other way you’d like the place which calls for numerous crowd .

We stayed in a walking distance resort from the benaulim beach , which felt like my own private beach as no matter where I was throughout the day I’d still like to end my day feeling the chilled sea water on my foot . Another destination which took my heart was Cabo de Rama ( you can see my pic for the same ) there’s no escape to loving that place once you have visited it .

Summing up the whole 7 days in 300 words is not justifiable for me as every day had a different story to tell about and me being an expressive ( sometimes over expressive) person would have no end to flaunt my memorable trips .


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