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Sundarban National Park l Glimpse of people's Experiences

Sunderban National Park is the origin of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. The 🐈 here have unique habitat as they prey in the saline waters of Bay of Bengal. Sunderban was declared as a National Park during late 60's to conserve the rich bio-diversity. Sunderban is the largest Mangrove delta region of India and is home to numerous terrestrial animals as well as amphibians and aviary. A tourist need to procure appropriate permission from the officials and can board a houseboat from either Sajnekhali or Canning for a night or two to navigate through the various islands to spot wild animals. Local villagers are friendly and depend on tourism to small scale fisheries and small scale apiary. Any tourist along with the tour operators and locals should be careful about polluting the fragile eco sphere of Sunderban National Park. Trail Miles as a tour operator in this region has been very careful in maintaining the ecology of the region and provide a memorable experience for the tourists.

It was one of the best travel experiences of my life which were very wild. Though we couldn't spot the royal Bengal tiger but the whole journey was too exciting and thrilling on anticipating their spotting. To be honest, it’s a very rare phenomenon to spot them as there are so many islands and out of that half of them comes under the buffer zones and which are restricted for the public to visit. I enjoy the wild dense forest and the wild mangroves everywhere, it was so peaceful to witness the wild beauty. We spotted black-spotted deer and many colourful birds on the way. To enjoy the journey even more visit during winters.


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