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Three year ago When I met with my Mentor ...

An entrepreneur and mentor: In my college days I met with a Person

I well knew about the incubator center in college and one startup was doing business there and I'm also customer of it,

Just with enthusiasm I went to office and met with Mr. Samarth Bhardwaj and Ms. Aarsheya Gupta (Co-founders of Flashbee).

The day I had 1 hour discussion on my own startup with him and instantly he asked, did you see the "The Secret", "The abundance factor", "Setve Jobs" and the answer was like that he asked for Pendrive. (1 hour was in account of class bunk)

Still I used to watch this film on some impeccable movements and share it through pandrive with friends and Juniors basically it's on Law of attraction and Positive thoughts brainstorming.

About Start-up: That time(2016-2017) I ordered Engineering books and daily use products from #Flashbee, that time I didn't know about #Grofers but today I can say both are the same.

Source of story: In my corporate life, yesterday I was attending training session on Interpersonal skills and Team building the trainer asked about 'The secret' and had discussion on it about 20 minutes that time I feel what I got in my #college days and about the right

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